Lavotchkin / Crocus - Split (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Lavotchkin / Crocus

Split (2009)

We Heart Records / Klangverhaltnisse / Small Town

This split EP between English metallic hardcore ragers Lavotchkin and `90s screamo countrymen Crocus is a pretty ferocious pairing.

Lavotchkin are up first with three pleasantly grating, no-holds-barred beasts. This material is way better and a little more original than their earlier material, which sounded a little too close to the various assortment of weak Botch clones for comfort. This stuff stakes out territory closer to the slower-burning Converge moments, with lots of careful changes and throbbing processions ("Abandon"). I wouldn't be at all shocked if Deathwish picked up the band's next effort for some well-warranted North American exposure. Intense stuff.

Crocus match them pound for pound with three cathartic courses of their own. "A Spiritual Polemic" makes its mark instantly with an ominous bass riff and then throat-shredding scream, delving into an ever-changing, angular screamo jam, the likes of which we hear plenty from Europe lately but don't mind at all. It's a pretty good mix of early JR Ewing, Orchid and La Quiete. Flailling, stop-start drums and frenetic bass riffs litter the crunchily dynamic and totally impressive "Ignorance We Swallow." Always good to hear this.

Definitely one of the more enjoyable splits as of late.

Lavotchkin / Crocus split