Randy - You Can't Keep A Good Band Down (Cover Artwork)


You Can't Keep A Good Band Down (1999)


There has always been quite a stir about a certain Swedish band called "Millencolin." Whether you like them or not they continue to put out records and make people happy. But there is another monster from Sweden that is growing more popular every day with their music that has caught more peoples attention with each release. Their name is Randy, and their motive is to get across arguable and strong political messages that actually have meaning.

Randy music style on this record is hard to pinpoint as they use many different sounds within this album. Sometimes you will hear the guitars kick in and pump out a strong rock and roll feeling. At some points I honestly thought "80s" when I heard parts of this release. Sometimes they even fill the atmosphere with some ska and ragaee, not strong but there. The guitar playing thoughout this disc is quite amazing to listen to, and some of the riffs are pretty catchy.

The lyrics that Randy come up with amaze me to say the least. Most of their songwriting deals with politics and life. One of my favorite lyrics is found in the song "Me and the Boys." "Me and the boys ain't afraid to raise our voices, but we hardly ever act it is sad but it´s a fact. There is much for us to do, tear down and build up new, but we speak from our heart and that´s a start." These kind of words just seem to stick with you, and the ability to do this in songwriting means you can hook people into listening more and more.

The only flaw I found in this album was some of the songs to me were actually quite boring, not bringing about the same catchy sounds found on most of the songs on the album.

Overall this cd deserves all of the attention and hype it gets despite not matching up to some of their other releases. The lyrics are very strong and meaningful, and the music is downright catchy, and will make you want more. This band has a lot going for them, and I don't think you will be dissapointed.
Best Track: Me and the Boys