Coffee Project - Easy Does It [10 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Coffee Project

Easy Does It [10 inch] (2009)

Paper + Plastick

Acoustic duo Coffee Project offers little in the way of replayability in their short musical offering, Easy Does It. I listened to this eight-track EP on repeat while writing this review, digging for any kind of redeeming quality. Instead, all I found were songs similar to what one could hear at a frat party where the guy who always brings his guitar sits on the couch and plays songs no one wants to hear except for that one drunk girl with no musical tastes. Having failed to find something positive to write about this album, I called off the search.

The songs on this EP are universally too slow for my appetite. The hooks are flat and boring. The vocals are awkward. The lyrics aren't interesting. I'm not sure if I heard any melodies. Where did this band go wrong?

With just an acoustic guitar and a trombone, Coffee Project really has little to work with. However, based on their stellar Pickle EP, I know they can write good tunes. I wouldn't purport to tell a band how to make music, but really, I just can't find the musical appeal in Easy Does It. Instead, it seems their key to success is catchy, upbeat melodies, reminiscent of the duo's ska influences, where fun vocals and fast and happy chords rule the day. This EP lacks any of that.