This Is a Standoff - Be Disappointed (Cover Artwork)

This Is a Standoff

Be Disappointed (2009)

Fun Times

Which would be an easier TIAS album to write? The first one, despite being the followup to the pure greatness of Belvedere? Or the second one, being a new episode of the new melodic skatepunk sound from Steve and co.? Upon listening to the new This Is a Standoff effort, it seems that Be Excited could have been. However, don't fear, the title isn't totally full of shit.

My immediate impression of Be Disappointed was, and still is, is that it doesn't seem as natural as the previous effort. Don't get me wrong -- it's not hugely different. Scratch that -- the sound hasn't really evolved at all. Whilst Be Excited was a step forward in songwriting in my eyes, we don't get that here. I guess that's to be expected, but what we are left with is a repeat of the first album, only not quite as good. The riffs (mostly) aren't as awesome. The poppy aesthetic (quite) isn't as strong. The speed isn't (quite) as satisfying.

Things start off so well, though -- "The Light Is Still on in Broadmoor" is not only a top tune, it has the instant appeal of two years ago. However, track 6, the instrumental "Sunrise" arrives without me taking too much notice of what preceded it. Even "Sunrise" itself seems, well, disappointing. It was only the last three tracks, "No Thanks," a short little piece of ace, "Settling the Score," a fucking excellent track chock full of feeling, and "Trails of White," a track similar in format to "Dream Beater" from the previous full-length that I can smile about pretty damn hugely. Normal service has resumed after all -- some great songs, some not so great. So, unless you're expecting a classic of astronomic proportions, you should still end up excited, and not so disappointed. Ahem.

Guys and gals, you know why you're here. Is it good as the previous TIAS effort? My opinion is no, but almost. Fans of Be Excited should also like this if they are prepared to give it a chance. Is it as good as Belvedere? Dude(tte), let it go.

The vinyl for this release was handled by Animal Style Records.