Rot in Hell - Hallways of the Always [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Rot in Hell

Hallways of the Always [12 inch] (2009)

A389 / Grot

Hailing from the UK, Rot in Hell plays metallic hardcore. Not the type that your 13-year-old cousin in the girls' jeans thinks he listens to, rather the type inspired by Integrity. Not only is Rot in Hell clearly influenced by the legendary Cleveland band, but is also a member of the Holy Terror ring of bands, which is of course, headed by Integrity. That said, you should know what you're getting here: lots of fast crunchy riffs paired with slower creepy parts and the occasional guitar solo. The vocals are a shriek-type of yell and the band is consistently dirty and fierce.

Recently signed to Deathwish, Inc., this full-length release compiles all of the band's previous 7"s, from their demo to splits with Brain Dead, Hordes and the Process. Compiled within these 12 tracks are four covers: Meanstreak, Ironside, Last Rights and, of course, Integrity. Not being familiar with more than the Integrity track, for me the covers blend in seamlessly with the original material.

The artwork for the LP, which I received, features no information other than the song titles. However, the creepy art is enhanced by a cool overlay of clear printing of the Holy Terror logo. There is a huge one on the cover (which you can't see in a picture) and a small logo over the face of each member in the large gatefold picture inside. It makes for a nice subtle touch to the visual display; however, seeing as how this is a collections release, I would have appreciated more information and the lyrics being included.

Overall, Rot in Hell's strength lies in straddling the line between technical precision and a dirty loose punk rock vibe. While still following the classic Integrity formula, the band manages to come across as more punk and less studio polished and it works to their advantage. From the material contained on this release, I'm sure this band is a formidable live force. For fans of this subgenre of hardcore, I imagine that Rot in Hell would be a must-check-out band.