Finch - What It Is To Burn (Cover Artwork)


What It Is To Burn (2002)


You can't descibe this album with one genre. This band venture into new land with this album. People will be asking "Is this punk? Emo? Hardcore? Nu-metal? Rock?" All I can say, it is Finch.

The album starts out with "New Beginnings," this song is up-beat, kind of a harder pop/punk. The second song is "Letters to You". Very catchy, but with some awesome riffs. Next song, "Post Script" is another up-beat song, but with a perfect mix of emo and punk tunes. "Grey Matter" is one of the harder tunes. It is kinda like a roller coaster. It starts hard but one part it is slow and melodic and then turns back to hard. Probally one of the best songs on the album. "Perfection through Silence" another song with emo kinda vocals and a punk beat. "Awake" in the beginning reminded me of some Nu-Metal band but with an add of punk/emo beat to it. It is very catchy and the lyrics are awesome. "Without You Here" is a slower song, but with some very hard guitar riffs. "Stay With Me" reminded me of a harder Jimmy Eat World, that's all I have to say. Plus it is also a great song.

"Project Mayhem", now this is where Glassjaw's influences come into play. It is so hard and raw, and the screams make it sound so perfect. "Untitled" is another rad sound song, it is another one of those rollercoasters. It is slow in the beginning but it gets hard during the chorus. "Three Simple Words" is probally my favorite track on the album. It's a constant beat through the song and then at the part, Nate Barcalow breaks in with some lyrics like "With my hands around your neck, who will stop me now" and from that point it gets harder and faster. Great song with some rad lyrics. "Ender" is like "New Kid" from "Falling Into Place EP." Slow but it gets really hard like some of the other songs and with alot of emotions. Bonus Track "What it is to Burn" starts off with violins and really slow and settle and all of the sudden they break out to a hardcore style of music.

Don't let the fact they switch from emo to hardcore in a heartbeat stop you from buying this album. It is probably one of the best albums this year. One listen and you will be hooked, just like heroin.