Kite Party - Wish Mountain (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Kite Party

Wish Mountain (2009)

Prairie Queen

Kite Party don't exactly allow for the most direct of pigeonholing. Their four-song, 16-minute-ish EP, Wish Mountain evokes certain, curious similarities of punk lore, but in such a roundabout and unique way that it's not easy to describe.

For the opening title track, the vocals stir up thoughts of a young and fractured Blake Schwarzenbach (somewhere in the neighborhood of Unfun) and the music sorta resembles the knottier, dirge-y Fugazi moments, with a bizarre procession and tense vibe about the whole thing that makes them stand out on their own. The band is less pressing and noticeably more upbeat on "Oh Geez," more easily dodging common associations. "Indiana Pete" kinda sounds like the Weakerthans for a dozen seconds before a slight post-punk shuffle tweaks the feel and more sparkly atmospherics invade the tune. Closer "Firefighter" lays on intricate Minus the Bear-esque production whispers and wanders ably for about five minutes.

It's rather hard to place Wish Mountain anywhere, but it's a solid release in its own right. There's no real 'wow' moment here or anything to truly compel throughout its course, but this is a promising foundation for whatever Kite Party can float next.

Indiana Pete