The Disappeared - Radical Miracle (Cover Artwork)

The Disappeared

Radical Miracle (2009)

I Hate Punk Rock

The Disappeared are running a steady campaign to bring back the same posi-core bro-hymns that pummeled your eardrums years back at Quicksand and Hot Water Music shows. They've locked in a new rhythm section since their last EP that can start and stop on a dime without flinching. This shows true on the first track, "This City Stretches" -- a mathy guitar-driven banger that really sets the tone for what's to come.

One of the truly unique aspects of Radical Miracle -- and the the Disappeared -- is the overflowing melting pot of punk and hardcore that comes pouring out. I mean, let's be honest, both genres have come a long way and countless sub-sounds have been created within. "The D" manages to lasso in elements all across the board: the old-school hardcore breakdowns; dizzying prog-punk riffage; new-school pop-punk pirate sing-alongs, and so on.

The lyrics are introspective, screamy and sing-songy. The bass drives and pummels. The drums bite and explode as tight as any punk drumming around. And the guitars are fucking loud.

Kudos to the folks at I Hate Punk Rock Records on the packaging, too. The 12" vinyl (black) comes with a nice insert, a download code and CD to boot.

All in all, any fan of punk rock can find something they like in Rad Miracle. Any fan of campy `80s BMX movies can find something they like about the EP's title (hint: ever seen "RAD"?).