Belvedere - 'Twas Hell Said Former Child (Cover Artwork)


'Twas Hell Said Former Child (2002)

Jump Start

By the time it takes me to write this review..this album will be over. This (somewhat) anticipated record is finally here..well, it was here about 2 months ago and this hasn't left my stereo since.

I was a little cautious about purchasing this one...especially in Canada...$28.99 Jesus! and after Angels Live in My town being a little under par from what I expected. after 2 weeks of hesitation, and waiting for this to become available in the used section, I gave in.

Now I'm glad I did so. The first thing I noticed was the incredible amount of maturity the band accquired since the last record...Musically and Lyrically. You like melody huh? This has plenty of it....combined with some rad vocal and guitar hooks while keeping up the manic speed the band has been known for. One problem however...The entire album is a little over 21 minutes long and only has 10 songs. Some of which are under a minute in length. But I've come to overlook I'm sure you will.

Great record...just the best collection of melody, agression, hooks and speed that belvedere has managed to pump out. Download an Mp3 of "Two Minutes for Looking so good" and see what i'm talking about.