Child Bite / Big Bear - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Child Bite / Big Bear

Split [7 inch] (2009)

Joyful Noise

Child Bite continue this apparent split series by providing some time decently well spent with Big Bear on this transparent dark green 7".

Child Bite provide the A-side, "Gloom Boots." If you've heard the band's previous material, you sort of what to know expect here. "Gloom Boots" is another track of bizarro, carnival sideshow indie rock sort of in the Man Man vein. It's pretty groovy, with a steady saxophone beat providing its most memorable component.

Big Bear sound absolutely nothing like a band might sound with that name. Nope. "Song 23" actually reminds me of a slower, less gimmicky Gravy Train!!!!; frontwoman Jordyn Banks doesn't quite sing or shout -- somewhere in the middle, sort of a peppy spout, laying it over an off-kilter song whose keyboardist, Joanne Dill, is entirely prominent, fiddling with out-of-key taps that bounce from corner to corner in methodical moves. It's an approach that's interesting at first and just gets kind of obnoxious and repetitive halfway through.

Completists, get on it. Everyone else may want to wait for a more fleshed-out effort from Child Bite.