d.b.s. - Some Boys Got It, Most Men Don (Cover Artwork)


Some Boys Got It, Most Men Don (1999)

New Disorder

Vancouver B.C. has seen it's share of great bands come and go. SNFU, By a Thread, Sparkmarker and countless others. All are great bands But there is one I feel that deserves a little more recognition for what they have accomplished.

This band began at the young age of 14 in 1992. All the music they have created has seemed to have culminated over the years into their last three releases.

Some boys got it, Most men don't is one amazing listen..start to finish. The musical maturity shines well...The band is still quite young...but the phenominal musicanship makes the band sound like they have been around for decades. With a mix of sounds quite unexpected by this band i.e. Trumpet, more acoustics and just overall a more mellow tempo to songs like: "And then I awoke", "Starboard", "Apology" and others. But not to go without the traditional d.b.s. speed as well. You cant seem to deny playing one song over and over again for each one has it's great guitar and vocal hooks and healthy dose of backup screaming.

Great band awesome record...d.b.s. sadly had broke up in 2001 but not before one more mind blowing e.p. titled "forget everything you know" check out both releases. Check out one of the most underrated and musically diverse bands to come along in the last decade.