True Colors - Rush of Hope (Cover Artwork)
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True Colors

Rush of Hope (2009)


Belgium's True Colors features an ex-guitarist from the defunct Justice, though they take it in more of a late `80s east coast youth crew direction.

They definitely hit the mark, as Rush of Hope sounds just like Youth of Today meshed with early Turning Point. Hell, the way the singer yells "It hurts!" in "What We Had" practically sounds like a direct nod to TP's "To Lose." There's plenty of rumbling, vintage-sounding chords and vocal "YOWWW!!"s mixed into flailing hardcore cuts. "Human Touch" is probably the best on the album, as there's a little more thought put into the intro, great change-ups and a more melodic, pensive bridge.

Rush of Colors, the album itself, is pretty good. For good measure, though, the band tacks on another five tracks, from their 7" last year, Perspective. The production is marginally weaker and stylistically ever-so-slightly more raw, but this material is largely in the same vein. "Against the Wall" has the best moment, with their vocalist comically spitting words at the outset: "I start this life with the best intentions!"

Overall, it makes for a solid collection of throwback hardcore. You know exactly what this sounds like, but if you can't get enough of it, it's a worthwhile listen.

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