Strike Anywhere - Iron Front [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Strike Anywhere

Iron Front [7 inch] (2009)

Bridge Nine

Strike Anywhere is back, and better than ever. They have a solid back catalogue of impressive, politically supercharged melodic hardcore. Now they've released a new four-song EP on Bridge 9 Records. The EP features two tracks from the album that it takes its name from, Iron Front, and two new songs not to be featured on their new LP. The four tracks blaze by in nine minutes, and they do not disappoint.

The album starts off with a strong opener, "Failed States." The track blasts open and unleashes the fury that is Strike Anywhere -- powerful guitars and driving drums complement Thomas Barnett's frantic vocals delivering rapid-fire lines. "Hand of Glory" is the second track and is reminiscent of their hardcore roots. Frantic drumming and gang vocals abound on this one. Clocking in at over just a minute and a half, this song is the most furious track on the EP, too. "Orphan Age" features guitar work that rides the line between hardcore and pop-punk. The song ends with an exhausted Thomas screaming "There is no peace / there is no sleep / Until the people rise / and take back the land." "Twilight's Last Gleaming" is the most melodic track on the EP, complete with a big chorus and driving verses. It's a song that is the pure and simple definition of Strike Anywhere as a band: heavy-hitting, politically charged and catchy as hell, all wrapped up into a three-minute-long track.

The first two tracks sound reminiscent of their Change Is a Sound-era material, while the last two tracks draw comparisons to Dead FM and Exit English. Overall, it's an impressive EP from one of melodic hardcore's top-tier bands. This EP does its job well. It offers a tease of the upcoming album, and some new stuff to help tide fans over. It's relentless in its drive and energy. Strike Anywhere always brings their A-game, and this EP is evidence of that. Easily, this is the band's best output to date. Make sure this EP finds its way into your music collection -- it's way too good to pass up