PK - Casting Shadows (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Casting Shadows (2007)


Fans of The Moon Is Down-era Further Seems Forever are in for a furiously annoying treat thanks to PK's Casting Shadows. This five-piece California act takes Chris Carrabba's old sound out shopping for drapes…poorly. The band cycles through FSF's emo/rock sound over the course of five songs, never adding anything remotely interesting along the way.

The EP opens with "Rodessia," and it becomes clear Casting Shadows' songs could all benefit from being about a minute shorter. Maybe it would make the whiny vocals less loathsome. The angst-ridden lyrics have a certain rambling quality. There isn't so much a story going on as much as a laundry list of complaints. "Palimpsest," arguably the king of this shit mountain, comes off more focused by comparison, with a jangly guitar hook and some dance-esque beats. But it's still of passing importance.

PK takes a stab at non-sequiturs with the Star Wars-referencing "TK-421 Why Aren't You at Your Post?", but such geek joy is fleeting. It's just another empty emo/indie rock tune. At best, PK will appeal to kids who don't know about Further Seems Forever or the Promise Ring yet. Once they hear, say, Nothing Feels Good, though, there's no reason to go back.