Various - Give Em the Boot Volume 3 (Cover Artwork)


Give Em the Boot Volume 3 (2002)


I had eagerly awaited this new sampler from Hellcat records, It saddened me when on delivery it was missing alot of what I had bought it for. Unreleased songs.

The Pietasters had one that I don't believe was released on and alblum, The song by Devil's Brigade is unreleased, and The Disasters song Give em the Boot is from an upcoming album. The lineup for this album is none the less amazing. My favorites the Dropkick Murphys with greats like Agnostic Front, Rancid, King Django, and Joe strummer. As well as up and comers like Left Over Crack, Tiger Army and The Nekromantix.

The songs are all very good even though most are already released. Ths actually made me want to go out and buy the new Tiger Army and Hunns albums. My last complaint is that they really could have mixed up the songs better straight punk followed by straight Psychobilly followed by straight Ska. I must say that I was really turned onto some good ska by this sampler which combined with the overall quality of the band somewhat redeems it to a six. In closing good bands bad sampler.