Streetlight Manifesto / Outernational - live in Clifton Park (Cover Artwork)

Streetlight Manifesto / Outernational

live in Clifton Park (2009)

live show

Streetlight Manifesto rolled through town the other night. With them they brought Broadway Calls and Outernational. I got my tickets about a week beforehand, as well as snatched up the past two releases from Broadway Calls. Unfortunately, I had my buddy's ticket, so I had to wait outside for him, and he didn't get there until about 8:30, which was halfway through Outernational's set. I didn't get there until 8 myself, which also meant I missed the set from Broadway Calls. I was pissed. Anyway, Outernational is a very different band. They combined ska with mariachi and screamo-ish stuff. Personally, I didn't care for them. Their frontman went on about how he'd be at the merch booth if anyone needed to discuss global politics with him.

Between sets, my buddy started up a conversation with the Broadway Calls drummer Josh. They needed a place to stay but unfortunately we couldn't pull through, as both me and him both live at our respective parents' houses. He was a cool guy; he was saying how they are going on tour with the Gaslight Anthem soon, and about his favorite 7"'s and EPs and such. Then, the lights went out. Streetlight was about to take the stage.

If you haven't seen Streetlight Manifesto yet, be sure to do so as soon as possible. This was my fifth time seeing them, and they get better and better every time. They have an insane energy that emanates from the stage. EVERYONE in the room just sings along and dances. It's awesome. Tomas fucks with the crowd by delaying the starts to songs by drawing out words like at the end of the intro to "Point/Counterpoint." Also, he provided some information on the mythical '99 Songs of Revolution' project. He said that when they take this little break from touring they will be working on recording and putting out the new albums. No word on BOTAR, though. The set list was as follows (in no particular order):

  • That'll Be the Day
  • We Will Fall Together
  • Would You Be Impressed?
  • Watch It Crash
  • Point / Keasbey Nights / Counterpoint
  • A Better Place, A Better Time
  • Forty Days
  • Here's to Life
  • The Saddest Song
  • The Big Sleep
  • Down, Down, Down to Mephisto's Cafe
  • Failing, Flailing
  • Somewhere in the Between
The show was kick-ass. I strongly suggest you go to this tour before they take their touring break. It will be well worth the money.