Snowdogs - Animal Farm (Cover Artwork)


Animal Farm (2002)


"It Don't Add Up" features the lines "God… said don't stop ‘til you've sacked the lot and their communist plot". Singer/Guitarist Ville Leppanen sounds frighteningly like Sammy Hagar. He and bass weilding brother Mat play like stadium rockers who think punk may be their meal ticket (though all too often just play bad stadium rock, especially on "Neverfade", a terrible amalgamation of Extreme, latter day Aerosmith and Van Halen). On the inlay there's a photo of the band, drummer Benjy Reid keeping to the back as the brothers Leppanen try to get in the viewers face. There's a feeling he doesn't want to be either seen or just plain doesn't want to be there. "Animal Farm" is eleven tracks of reasons for this.