Toe To Toe - Tao (Cover Artwork)

Toe To Toe

Tao (1996)



Australian act,Toe To Toe are undoubtedly one of the best hardcore outfits ever to grace the planet. I'm well aware that many you of may be completely unaware that this band even existed but let me assured you that they have been stalwarts in the Australian hardcore scene for many, many years. This CD is a polished exercise in how to make a brutal yet melodic hardcore sound with chest thumping beats, kick arse (yep, that's how we Aussies spell 'ass') riffs and breakdowns. Front man Scotty Mac possesses a fucken awesome voice and the lyrics are among the most intelligent and well written of any hardcore band. Highlights include Giant Killer, Falling Short, Sheep, Cutting Cancer and Vigilant. If you're in Australia, check 'em out at the Vans Warped tour...Australian working class hardcore...fucken awesome...jeez at least dowload a song from one of those free MP3 sites...