Endbringer - Bruises [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Bruises [7-inch] (2009)

Power, Corruption and Lies

Back in September, I made my way over to Belgium to Some Hardcore Fest, mainly to see the Legacy, Gold Kids and Guns Up!. Naturally, as I had travelled a fair distance, I was inclined to check out the many other bands preceding the main acts. Holy fuck was I bored. So much passionless and samey shit. But then, just as I was losing the will to live, up stepped Germany's Endbringer, and with that often overlooked jewel: something to say.

Thankfully, the four lads backed up their schtick with some (relatively) original tuneage, sounding to me like a rougher, dirtier Comeback Kid, as on Turn It Around. Only, with longer songs. On my return to England, I checked out their stuff, pretty excited.

Bruises comprises of two songs, each around the five-minute mark. They are pretty representative of that live show, in that they pack a decent punch and reek of apocolyptica, but are missing that undefinable element that makes great hardcore great. The intro to "Turning Cold" is worth the entry fee alone, however.

Bruises, then, announces Endbringer to the world, albeit not wrecking everything in its wake, but, in my mind, contains more than enough for me to keep my eye on the band.