Tigon - Tigon [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Tigon [7 inch] (2009)


Shit's caustic. That's Tigon's self-titled 7" in a nutshell, but to further explain it is a little more difficult.

Difficult. That's another apt word for this jarring, noisy blast of hardcore. There's hints of Botch's frantic angularity in here (check the dizzying intro to "Monarch"), but Tigon is slower and a little muddier, while the vocals actually resemble a consistently intense version of Ian Svenonius during the NOU days. Their frontman is, after all, a seemingly spastic and raw-voiced frontman with a coarse delivery that occasionally hinges on hoarse screams.

Surprisingly short closer "TeenageBlackhole" even has a slight Daughters resemblance about it, notably with its quick, grindy finish.

This fitful and frenetic 7" isn't a powerhouse listen but it definitely has some interesting intricacies about it that's worth a download of its free digital counterpart.

Tigon 7" EP