Mid Youth Crisis - Happiness Authority (Cover Artwork)

Mid Youth Crisis

Happiness Authority (1997)



Mid Youth Crisis, a now defunct 5 piece hardcore outfit hailing from Melbourne, Australia deliver a stunning, thought provoking album in Happiness and Authority. The abrasive yet melodic style perfectly complements the incredibly eloquently written lyrics. Unlike the simplistic political views of many bands, M.Y.C (formerly One Inch Punch) are true social commentaors with beatifully written lyrics.

Mid Youth Crisis tackle issues such as human nature and capitalism:
..........." Is not freedom the peace of mind to not tell or be told? Is not freedom a the peace of mind to not sell or be told? Freedom can't be a conviction to simple humanity. Humanity is not compassion or equality. It is but insatiability. Greed, greed." (Thieves Tyrants Cynics)
...........and identity and belonging:
........... "You can't explain your life but you want to explain, It's a substance crisis and its driving you insane, A drink or a hit or a cross on your hand, Just something to give you a purpose and, A character, a character to play." (Mid Youth Crisis).........

The superb lyrics are boosted by great singing and awesome, sometimes brutal, sometimes melodic guitar work. I would buy this album for the lyrics alone. One of the best bands to emerge from the thriving Australian hardcore scene this album is well worth obtaining.