Gogol Bordello - Voi-La Intruder (Cover Artwork)

Gogol Bordello

Voi-La Intruder (1999)


I've been a Gogol Bordello fan for quite a few years now, but for whatever reason I'd never stoped to listen to their first album, Voi-La Intruder. Recently, though, I finally picked it up and I gotta say...I'm disapointed.

After listening to Voi-La Intruder, you can clearly see how Gogol Bordello has gotten better over the years. The thing that I think was most disappointing to me was just how un-punk Voi-La Intruder is; or rather, how it's pretty much void of the many interesting genres that make up Gyspy Punks, Super Tarantra and even Multi Contra Vs. Irony -- those genres being punk (as mentioned before), ska and dub.

Another disappointment is that all the songs sound fairly similar, something that is not at all what I except to hear after listening to their later albums.

Voi-La Intruder does have some good songs that stick out, most notable being the title track. "Letters to Castro" and "Start Wearing Purple" (less so if you've heard the version on Gyspy Punks) are also likable, but you get sick of them fast.

So should you buy this album? Probably not, unless you're a big fan of Gogol Bordello.