Goonies Never Say Die - In a Forest Without Trees (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Goonies Never Say Die

In a Forest Without Trees (2009)

Deep Elm

Goonies Never Say Die is one of the newest additions to Deep Elm's ever-changing family. While In a Forest Without Trees is pretty standard, straightforward post-rock fare, as contradictory as that statement might sound, it's solid in its own right.

"Introducing..." is a clipped crescendo intro with a few programmed elements, perhaps taking influence from fellow countrymen 65daysofstatic. But more often than not, Forest bears restrained, foreboding measures, like a more simplistic Mogwai, only with unfortunately processed and compressed portions that harm the overall effect.

But the songs remain deft, spirited and buoyant anyway. "Don't Fight the Fire, Fuck the Arsonist" is some of the best six minutes you can spend with the band, as it integrates curt guitar ideas that leave you wanting more and well-placed piano keys. "Get All Your Ducks in a Row" lets a riff repeat a little more and it becomes a memorable centerpiece of the record as a result; it also sounds incredibly similar to something I can't quite put my finger on, as a guitar counters it in the background softly stretching and nearly lo-fi drums begin to pace the song along. "When Middle Eights Migrate" make more use of the murky-water effects to...decent effect while closer "I Know, I Know, I Know" has some of the album's liveliest moments.

In a Forest Without Trees isn't as dynamic, exciting or challenging as I'd like in a post-rock band, but it makes a good dent in things nonetheless.

This One Took Forever
Don't Fight the Fire, Fuck the Arsonist
Everyone Comes to Life
Get All Your Ducks in a Row
The Scene Where Everyone Dies