Explode and Make Up - Explode and Make Up [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Explode and Make Up

Explode and Make Up [12 inch] (2009)

Underground Communiqué

Explode and Make Up is pretty much a Midwest supergroup of sorts, playing old-school melodic hardcore that isn't far from a compilation of its various counterparts. Members come from the Methadones, 88 Fingers Louie and the Bomb (and to top it off, ex-Suicide Machines drummer Royce Nunley helmed the actual recording of the percussion [played by Tim Den] and Bigwig's Tom Petta mixed and mastered the EP). While they're a little faster and more energetic than the Methadones or the Bomb, they aren't quite as technical or aggressive as 88FL, but it's a nice medium to ride anyway.

"Crash and Byrne" has some nicely punchy movements with slower cross-sections, while the familiar "Lion in a Cage" (this appeared way back on 2006's Hair: Chicago Punk Cuts THICK comp) is as capable and straightforward a track as can be. I used to think it sounded identical to Strike Anywhere's "You're Fired," but it sounds a little more realized, really. Closer "The Take" takes a more mid-tempo, slow-burning approach that helps end the EP in a more deliberate fashion.

This one-sided 12" EP is, well, a little one-sided for my liking, but Explode and Make Up's long-gestating debut is a worthwhile listen. Speed, peppiness and a soft melodic flair keeps this fairly interesting throughout.

Some Kind of Diplomat
The Take