Higher Giant - Al's Moustache [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Higher Giant

Al's Moustache [7 inch] (2009)

Black Numbers

Just a few months after dropping The First Five, High Giant returns with Al's Moustache, a four-song sampling of the band's patented pop-punk stomp. That means more fun á la CIV, Bouncing Souls and Armalite. Also, the record cover. The cover is fun. Al is all like, "I have a moustache for the fair women, but you sir, shall have only fists! Have at thee!"

Listeners get two songs per side on colored wax (mine's translucent orange). The tunes are either about driving (the dream road trip of "See You Later, Chopstick," the traffic patterns of "Just Go!"), old friendships (the sour "The Bad Investment") or both ("Union Square" is nostalgic for both old buds and even older rides). It's a neat little theme, and it gives the band some interesting imagery to work with.

Of course, it helps that the band has some catchy hooks to serve with the lyrics. Frontman Ernie Parada shouts and shreds like the dickens (the dickens!) while Jason Lehrhoff lays down gnarly leads. Underneath it all is drummer Dave Wagenschutz, pounding as only he can. His Set Your Goals-style marching band beat on "The Bad Investment" alone makes that song worth spinning.

Al's Moustache