Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I (Cover Artwork)

Dismemberment Plan

Emergency & I (1999)


Most recordings follow a basic formula. Big opener, more subtle songs tucked into the end, the big "hit" song at track 4 or 5, and a closer with actual closure. Not with Emergency and I. This is possibly the most unusual flowing album ever made, but the uniqueness of it just adds to how incredible this recording is.

From the first second, "A life of Possibilties" is the most unique opening song ever; a song that on any other cd would have hidden towards the end. But it's so unusual that the listener is forced to pay attention to every word.

The cd progresses into "Memory Machine," with angular guitar work and one of the most intense song endings i've ever heard. Followed by "What do you Want Me To Say", the most radio-friendly but still very strange song on the cd, and the mellow, personal "Spider in the Snow"

The only dull moment of the disc is on "The Jitters," which is very chilling but at the same time rather boring. But the next track "I love a magician" counters any dullness by creating one of the most noisy, chaotic messes ever recorded.

The next track, "You Are Invited" is one of the best songs ever written. The "i can't find the right party so i'd rather be by myself" theme has never been portrayed better. When the full band comes in, it is one of the most beautiful moments of rock history.

Not enough can be said about track 8, "Gyroscope", by far the best song ever made. All i can say is that "Happiness is such hard work" are my favorite words ever put into a song.

The rest of the cd has the least amount of variety, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The last 4 tracks all have a grooving almost funk feel to them. "The City" has more emotion in it than any other song on the cd, "Girl O' Clock" is a catchy number reminiscent of Beck, and "8 and a Half Minutes" is a great song about blowing up the moon with nuclear weapons. The last track on the album, "Back and Forth" has such amazing and thoughtful lyrics that it's a shame they go by so quickly, and the end is so strange that you wonder if the cd is actually over. But it is, sadly, because this is one of those cds you don't want to end. As much of a cliche' as it is, Emergency and I takes you on a musical journey that you will not forget.

"There's a kind of music that reminds me of you. It's all clear expensive drinks and shiny shirts and the click of heels as they descend from the taxi like the first foot on the moon, and it glows with ache - and if it hits me right it's almost too much to take"- from "back and forth"