Bearings - Bearings [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Bearings [7 inch] (2009)

Runner Up

The Small Brown Bike followers are coming out in droves, but Bearings must feel "the more, the merrier." And when you sound this promising, I ain't gonna argue.

Bearings' emotional post-hardcore punk on the Philly quartet's self-titled 7" bristles with an earnestness and aplomb that's hard not to like. It wouldn't kill vocalist/guitarist Josh Laskin to gargle a little more glass (figuratively!), but everything else seems to be in tight, working order. "Constrained" has an invigorating, urgent chorus and a nice little dynamic ending, and vinyl closer "Images" builds and burns for almost five minutes, channeling '90s emo rock much the same way Scream Hello's "20, 21" fashioned. Digital bonus "Ten of Five" feels a little incomplete, but bears plenty of thought and crunch, too.

The band's next release may be recorded with a certain local drummer who plays in a few pretty decent west coast bands, and he'll imaginably apply the grit and pull out the real conviction that best serves the band. Our Own Wars and Dead Reckoning fans, get stoked.

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