Monument [D.C.] - 3 Song 7inch (Cover Artwork)

Monument [D.C.]

3 Song 7inch (2009)

Tor Johnson / Rorschach

If you're like me, you love the recent surge of '90s emo/post-hardcore-influenced punk bands that has been taking place over the past couple of years. Bands like Algernon Cadwallader, My Heart to Joy and (the) Agent exhibit a form of emo that isn't the fashion statement the general public believes it to be, but a true sub-genre of punk.

Another band that adds to this scene is a band that I have not heard much talked about around these parts, but are just as great as the aforementioned bands. This band is called Monument; they're from D.C., and they rule! Especially on this 7".

The band's sound is most akin to Algernon Cadwallader (a rather happy sound), but definitely more frantic and raw sounding. And throughout this recording, the rawness gives it a punker sounding element many other bands in the genre lack. "Busy Being Bees" starts up the EP at a very energetic pace, and though the production seems to be a little fuzzy, it almost adds to the atmosphere created by the dual guitars' harmonies.The next track, "Memory and Location" picks right up from where the last left off with the band going all over the place but sticking to the melody. And the final track, "It's Clear, Tension" is just as great as the first two, but ends with a pretty extravagant but not overdone jam that really closes this great EP well, yet leaves you wanting more from this band. And if you want, you CAN get some more. The band lets you download everything they've recorded for free.

3 Song is...well, three songs long. Not much, but all three tracks are such fun listens that you'll be bouncing around to them for a good amount of time. This is for anyone who thoroughly enjoys '90s emo (i.e. Braid, American Football, the Promise Ring, etc.) and the budding scene of today.

You can download Monument's entire discography at GimmeSound.