Mindset - Real Power [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)


Real Power [7 inch] (2009)


Relentless fast-paced positivity from start to finish. Maryland's Mindset keeps youth crew alive with their positivity throughout these four energetic songs.

Empowering vocals from Ev don't let up for these seven short minutes. As his lyrics challenge apathy and ignorance, topics on this album include self-motivation, changing for the better, compassion for one another and, of course, their commitment to straight-edge. Although mostly slightly angry shouts, his vocals are clear and comprehensible. Audible lyrics can be a rarity in hardcore, so Real Power is a treat for us who want to sing along. That's not to mention the slew of gang vocals on each track that will have you grasping for the mic at live shows.

The most obvious influence is Youth of Today. While Ev doesn't aim to imitate Ray Cappo (aside from an occasional "Ooh wah!" or "Pow!" leading into a breakdown -- see "Think Again" and "Before I Sleep"), the musical structure is very reminiscent. The most enjoyable aspect of Real Power are the fun and powerful breakdowns featuring quick palm-muted guitars and standout basslines fronting powerful drums. These come amongst mid-to-quick-tempo energetic melodies.

This positive energy will grasp your attention and keep you wide awake.