The Mapes / WWIX - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

The Mapes / WWIX

Split [7 inch] (2009)


I don't know how WWIX isn't better known then they are -- they're so fucking good. They're full of pissed-off angst, they're rowdy as hell, they write powerfully catchy 100mph punk rock. This 7" is another fine example of the same stuff they're great at. Both of their songs on this record are fast as hell with sarcastically funny lyrics and bad-ass punk chaos on the instruments.

The Mapes add three full-speed comic-style hardcore songs to the split, in the Vein of old Murphy's Law. "Rocket in My Pocket" is a full-on party in my pants, while "Tits" is a wonderfully funny song and also a hint to a nice little flash you get in the inside cover (boobs always make a review better).

My only complaint is that my iPod doesn't play records and there wasn't a download code, so I can't jam this shit in my car to disrupt the neighborhood. Otherwise this is a solid punk rock record that is required to be played loud and often for maximum enjoyment. Oh, and the cover art is pretty damn great too.

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