The Spears - Shove (Cover Artwork)

The Spears

Shove (2009)


I've been hearing from Dave Johnson of Jailhouse! Records about how amazing this album is for what seems like a year. Granted, you would expect the owner of a label to hype his label's releases, so you have to take that type of hype lightly. That being said, this album is old-school BADASS punk rock! I mean old-school punk rock with grit, guts and attitude in the vein of bands such as the Minutemen, Descendents, Circle Jerks, the Adolescents, TSOL, Teen Idles, Minor Threat, State of Alert, MDC and the Dicks. A sound that hasn't seen a new release put out in at least 15 -20 years.

I was introduced to punk rock with this style of hard-hitting music and wish that there was more of it around today. I can only imagine a Spears show as an explosion of high energy with a huge pit extending from the front of the stage out the back door. Even sitting at my computer listening to this album it gets my blood pumping 100mph and makes me want to bust some shit up.

This is actually one of the few albums that made me think of my old friends I haven't seen in years and want to tell them to get this when it comes out. The more and more I listen to this album, the more and more I'm convinced it is going to be a top five album of 2009. I pretty much love all the songs on Shove, if you can't already tell by my love-fest of a review. If his album was a cereal it would be Rice Krispies because it snap, crackles and pops with high energy and attitude from the minute you open the box.

P.S. It might be that this album is really fuckin' good because the Spears feature members of punk bands such as Down by Law, DRI, Pink Lincolns and Hated Youth.

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