Whaleface - Mind Your Pros and Cons (Cover Artwork)
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Mind Your Pros and Cons (2009)


This is basically '90s skatepunk with a distinctly Sum 41-style vocal element to it. It's likely to reduce Mind Your Pros and Cons to used bins across the sad, dusty confines of independent record stores nationwide when you already have solid, newer acts like This Is a Standoff, Half Hearted Hero, Lipona and Hit the Switch doing a better job.

Mind Your Pros and Cons doesn't actually have many of the former to actually mind. "It's Another Prohibition" is a truncated opener that doesn't deliver an able enough hook, and it's got really "huh?" lyrics too; "Answer the door you're expecting a package / Oh look now you're fucked, / instead you got detectives." Other tracks are simply mediocre: "Kid Tested" wastes a promising opening drum roll as some riffs A Wilhelm Scream threw out enter the fold and awkwardly worded domestic issues spell out the song's subject matter; the harmonies in "Get That Sign Out of My Face!" are okay, but the track's largely interesting and the dynamics don't really come through as the band probably intended. The rest of the record, despite some slower stuff here and there ("Gunslinger"), has nothing really discernable or interesting.

Their one lead vocalist, guitarist Jeremy James Ticehurst Baker (I'm taking this direct from the liner notes) has an okay voice even though he sounds like Deryck Whibley half the time. But there's this other vocalist, either guitarist Chamler(s) Harrison Barnes or bassist Kevin Michael Miller, who has this grainy, adolescent thing that isn't bringing anything great to the table here.

This is generic and without any real punch to it to make up for such. Eh.

Another Prohibition
Loyalties Aside
Kid Tested