She Likes Todd - Expose Reality [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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She Likes Todd

Expose Reality [7 inch] (2009)


Yo, She Likes Todd -- you really saved yourself by playing some tight skatepunk here, because your media package is SO OVER THE TOP. I don't need some incredibly specific "media kit" that details not only the 20 biggest bands you've played with and 14 notable venues you've played at but your average draw per show and set length. Jesus Christ, I don't give a shit. I'm not the head of Nitro Records. I write these reviews for free and still live with my dad.

I don't really think you need a "radio edit" of your single either, dudes. Fungus was killed like a year ago or something.

Anyway, this band's apparently been around since at least 2000 according to their discography listing (every release of which has been self-released). But I have to hand it to them, since this 7", Expose Reality, really isn't bad. It's not bad at all. They clearly love Propagandhi, as they offer a slightly technical and meaty take on the EpiFat sound, with really smooth vocals that never trend towards being too husky, snotty or bellowing.

"Another Starless Night" has a few good bass breaks, solid tempo changes and just a welcomed urgency, while the "hey"s in "Kaleidoscope of Screams" aren't at all forced, with the song carrying a bit of an early NUFAN feel.

Awful fucking name. Needless abundance of biographical and statistical information. Very decent 7". Let the music speak for itself, guys, because it's quite promising (and hopefully a band a decade old doesn't take "promising" as an insult).

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