Diarrhea Planet - ALOHA! (Cover Artwork)

Diarrhea Planet

ALOHA! (2009)


There may not be a point to reviewing this. You, the dignified reader, have most likely already made your respective decision on whether to listen or not based on the band's name. I must admit, with a mind that could be either be considered that of an immature 12-year-old boy or a mature 8-year-old girl, I checked this out because the word "Planet" preceded by the word "Diarrhea" enticed me. Though the name may be corny, I am glad I didn't let this one slip through the cracks.

The playing on this release is about as sloppy as I would imagine a planet made out of diarrhea would be. Now, despite this sloppiness, there is some eclectic influence involved. "Power Moves" could be considered a Latterman-like song, with its positive discordance and yelling-from-across-the-room vocal delivery. Yet, "Get Stimulated" has a garage rock feel and "Where Are You?" has a surf rock feel, while "Ghost with a Boner" seems like straight up pop-punk.

Since there is no MySpace or any such site with info on the band, the Mystery of Diarrhea Planet (sounds like a lesser Hardy Boys adventure) is a hard one to solve. Regardless, this is a solid debut and I am excited to see what they drop next.

(Editor's Note: The band has a page at Bandcamp now)