No Fun at All - Out of Bounds (Cover Artwork)

No Fun at All

Out of Bounds (1995)

Burning Heart

Some months ago, I learned that No Fun at All were going to play in Athens. They had a reunion and their new album Low Rider coming out. I only knew like four or five songs at that time and they seemed nice, so i decided to check out the band. I liked them, went to the live show and was amazed even more. They have amazing melodies and fast pace similar to my favourite Californian-style hardcore punk / melodic hardcore.

So I decided to review this as it is their only album that has no review here. Together with their first full-length, No Straight Angles, it is my favourite one of theirs. Their latest three albums are definitely worth checking too, but they lack the big number of amazing tracks on this and NSA. Out of Bounds is their second full-length and was released in 1995. It contains the fan favourites "Master Celebrator," "In a Rhyme" and "Beat Them Down," as well as some of my personal favourites: "Invitation," "Stranded," "Perfection," "I Have Seen" and...actually, there's no bad song here -- all are amazing or good.

If you like any of their other albums you're gonna love this one and its sound is closer to No Straight Angles than any of the rest. If you don't know them but like bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, Deviates, early Millencolin and early Offspring, they are worth checking, and this is one of the best albums to start with.