Youth Brigade - To Sell the Truth (Cover Artwork)

Youth Brigade

To Sell the Truth (1996)


Okay, why hasn't anybody reviewd this record before? Youth Brigade is an amazing band and I say this is their best album.

As I said, Youth Brigade is an amazing band, and as well as being amazing, they are one of the oldest American punk bands still playing. The Stern brothers (Shawn, Mark and Adam) really decided to kick more ass than ever on this record. Songs like "I Hate My Life" and "Tomorrow" make you just want to sing along.

Now, this was released in the mid-'90s, and if you're new to Youth Brigade's music you may just assume this is '90s So-Cal punk. Nope. This would fall under the category of melodic hardcore (less melodic, more hardcore though). Their roots do go back to about 1982, during the midst of the first wave of hardcore, so you can assume the hardcore sound.

This is an amazing record, don't get me wrong, but it does get repetitive. "Fast and aggressive, yet catchy" has a broad range of bands and records; this is one of them. You have all heard stuff like this before (early NOFX, late RKL and a more raw-sounding Pennywise) but this does still stand out. Better vocals than all three of those bands for one thing, and the odd transitions between slow and fast they do on select songs were really diffrent at the time. And if sounding great isn't enough, these brothers are pioneers and legends of the independent record label society. Their label, BYO Records has accomplished many good things and now you can watch and listen to them on the new CD/DVD set titled Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records. I recommend that set, and more importantly, Youth Brigade's best record, To Sell the Truth.

If you feel like taking a break from your Pennywises, NOFXs, Bad Religions and Strung Outs, this is the perfect record for you.