Victor! Fix the Sun - Person Place or Thing [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Victor! Fix the Sun

Person Place or Thing [12 inch] (2009)


Victor! Fix the Sun provide solid post-hardcore jaunts on Person Place or Thing, kinda like early At the Drive-In or [A→B] Life-era mewithoutYou with a less spazzy vibe and beefier production, as well as a vocal style that closely resembles La Dispute, who they share a hometown with.

Person Place or Thing features six songs scaling about five moderately interesting minutes apiece (mini-album or long EP, I suppose), as much as they don't go through changes and places as interesting as one would hope. Still, it's pretty decent stuff, as shown by the more hook-laden "We Come from the Northwoodsm" and some methodical restraint for "Paperthin Feather Fuck." Their vocals, which change quickly between throaty screams and stuttered, semi-gruff melodicisms, are most effective in "Blind Man's Bluff" and the close of the title track.

This 12" is a pretty satisfying listen although there's a lot of things missing that might make it better. A better sense of dynamism? More linear structures? Buildups and breakdowns? (Closer "Infested, Mother Approved" seems like a response to these requests.) Add some of these and it would be a great listen. As is, not bad.

My Friend the Guru
We Come from the Northwoods