MxPx - Punk Rawk Christmas (Cover Artwork)


Punk Rawk Christmas (2009)

Rock City Recording Company

Let us take a gander as a few of Jesus' disciples discuss one of their favorite topics... Music.

John: God, I love punk music.

Peter: Wait. Wait! You cannot be serious. Christians can't be punk.

John: Uh...yes, they can.

Paul: Says who?

John: For starters, the punk mentality. I mean, Christians totally go against what today's standards are.

Paul: Oh yeah, and I bet you are going to say that Jesus was the first punk rocker.

John: He was. He flipped over tables.

Paul: Even Tom Gabel uses tables as weapons, and his band is on a major label.

John: Well, Jesus disobeyed authority.

Paul: Right...except for his dad, and we all know what his dad made him do.

John: Dude, Jesus started a group of followers to go against the Roman Empire.

Paul: Yea, and now they are called Christians. They follow orders like a bunch of sheep and claim everything they do is for the greater good.

John: Not all of them. Even Ian MacKaye regrets starting straight-edge because of some of the crazy followers.

Thomas: Excuse me...but what exactly is punk rock?

Paul: You don't know?! It is basically rock music with an edge. The lyrics are usually politically charged.

Thomas: Hmm...I'd have to see it to believe it.

John: And not every band has politics behind their music. Take a look at MxPx, they are a punk band with Christian members, and they usually just sing about girls.

Paul: Not true; I mean, they have an album called Teenage Politics.

John: Yeah, but being punk is also about having fun. Check this out, MxPx just released a Christmas album. A PUNK Christmas album.

Paul: Whoa, two of my favorite things, combined.

John: Yea, all the songs but two are compiled from previous releases, though.

Paul: Oh, cool, that is kind of like my favorite book. How are the songs?

John: How do you feel about teen angst mixed with Jesus' birth?

Paul: Oh, I guess it is okay.

John: Have you heard any other MxPx albums?

Paul: Only one, but I don't really remember it.

John: Yea, this one is pretty forgettable too. Do you like '90s skate punk?

Paul: Yea! So I should get this?

John: If you like Christmas, and are a fan of the band. Otherwise, it is an okay listen once.

Paul: Punk Rawk!