Mad Caddies - Quality Softcore (Cover Artwork)

Mad Caddies

Quality Softcore (1998)

Honest Don's

The first Mad Caddies CD I heard was Rock The Plank which I thought to be a cool album with some diverse songs. A few months later I saw Quality Softcore in a record store. I made the purchase and wasn't disappointed.

This album is more uniform than other Mad Caddies offerings sticking to some fantastic horn work whether its with slow or fast songs. The first track starts of at a slow pace but soon kicks in with great horns and is a brilliant opening track, really uplifting. Then into the next track Distress I love the way his voice sounds perfect with the tune. The kind of track you wouldn't mind waking up to in the morning.

I could say this about nearly all the songs on the disc apart from the third track Cup O Tea which kinda sucks it sounds pretty cheesy and is totally skippable the only other song I consider skippable on the record is Crew Cut Chuck, not a serious song it's supposed to be humorous but its the only other song I feel the need to skip.

The rest of the album is a blend of mellow and upbeat songs I'm sure most people would enjoy. Tracks like No Se, Polyester Khakis and Preppie Girl are examples of some of the faster songs they feature great sing along lyrics that will jam in to your head and you won't be able to get them out. The whole album is a thoroughly enjoyable listen the kind of thing to pop in on a lazy afternoon.

By far Mad Caddies best record and I would recommend anyone who likes the Caddies or appreciates good vocals and a great sound to pick up this album.