Mock Orange - Nines & Sixes (Cover Artwork)

Mock Orange

Nines & Sixes (1998)


Nines & Sixes, Mock Orange's debut album really plays into what I like to hear: fast indie rock with loud, prominent guitars, sensational drumming and driving bass.

The intricate guitar work on the album really lets you enjoy their playing without being so overbearing that you get tired of the music, and the vocals are completely different from their newer material, but when I go back to listen to this CD I hear a hungrier band with nonetheless high aspirations.

"Growing Crooked" is a standout, starting with a powerful ringing of power chords bursting with anticipation for more. Ryan Grisham's vocal drone is almost emo-esque with supporting harmonies, a shape-shift to his signatare sound of teenage angnst he had with this album. "We Work" starts with my favourite riff on the album and just builds with call-and-response guitar work. The lyrical content is melancholy but it puts the point across.

"Does It Show" is my favourite song on the CD thanks to the vocal harmony and its slowed melodic hardcore punk mixed with Jimmy Eat World guitar work groove, and the most inventive drumming I have ever heard from this style of music. This song is flawless and delivers so well.

"Window Shopping" has airy, over-your-head guitar in the intro and peaks and drops into a building vocal line and then bursts back at you with flawless instrumentation.

This album is a must for any true Mock Orange fan, or any fan of music at all. I have tried to find things wrong with this album but cannot. The way this album makes you tap your toe and play air guitar, it is a true underground classic. Hopefully this review will make you check this band out and tell all of your friends so they can share you and I's perspective on this great album.