Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Cover Artwork)

Taking Back Sunday

Tell All Your Friends (2002)


When you take Saves The Day, Thursday, Dashboard Confessional, and Thrice you get a band called Taking Back Sunday. I hear this way too often, but the truth is everyone that claims this is hitting the spot right on.

Taking Back Sunday is a so called kick in the mouth. Its fresh, and a very amazing listen. In short this album kicks your ass. It blends all of the bands metioned above to create a very original sound of their own. The beats are incredibly catchy and refreshing. They also mix in some chilling screams to show their rage. There are definitely no songs on Tell All Your Friends that you will ever skip.

The lyrics on this cd are so amazing that the booklet alone is worth the money. These guys spent time on writting these songs to come up with some truly brilliant ideas here. Not only are the lyrics very original they stick in your head, and you won't be able to get them out anytime soon. Don't expect to see songwritting that gets this damn close to perfection. If your not convinced then here is part of the song called "Cute Without The E." "Your lipstick his collar don't bother angel I know exactly what goes on. When everything you'll get is everything that you've wanted, princesss, which would you prefer? My finger on the trigger or me face down across your floor. Just so long as this things loaded." Like said above the lyrics are well written on this album.

A very hard thing to explain is the excellent sounding vocals. There are two main singers (as far as I know) which trade off singing, and often times one singer will be in the backround while the other is still belting out his part. In the song, "Theres No I In Team," the band members just constantly switch off singing sentences, and this is very cool.

Taking Back Sunday is one of those bands that you find randomly, and after the first listen you think to yourself that you just found one of the best records in your cd collection. However after about twenty listens to this record its not as good as when you first listened to it. I have a feeling though that it will be in your cd player for a while. Go ahead tell all your friends, because they will thank you for getting them into a band that will just get better.