Nazi Dust - Nazi Dust [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Nazi Dust

Nazi Dust [7 inch] (2009)

Youth Attack!

Nazi Dust came out of Florida a few months ago with a brilliant demo and two tracks on the comp The World Itself Is a Bad Dream. Their first 7" (and subsequent tour with Failures and Aerosols) pushes the band into the territory of national recognition.

They take obvious regional influence from past Florida greats like Hated Youth and Belching Penguin, but have a heavier East Coast edge akin to Siege. Most of the music is straightforward, '80s-inspired hardcore, but it runs the gamut enough to keep things interesting. "Fervor" closes out the A side, featuring a sped-up but still catchy main riff with a gnarly all-noise guitar solo, while "Bad Blood" on the next side slows down the chorus to an almost NYHC style chug riff over the only gang vocals on the record. The record is actually chock-full of catchy riffs, some of which come out shredding behind the blur of power chords and breakneck pace of the record.

As the first thing most people will hear from this band, it works on every level.