Fucked Up - Couple Tracks [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Fucked Up

Couple Tracks [7 inch] (2010)


On Couple Tracks (the LP), Fucked Up decide to play nice with their newest fans by compiling the band's favorite tracks from the various demos, out-of-print 7"s and rare MP3s. It's a fantastic gesture, as some of the tracks on the two-disc release are incredibly limited (the split EP with Hard Skin was only sold at two shows and limited to like 330 pieces, the Shop Assistants and Dolly Mixture 7" both sold at one show and limited to 500, etc.) and difficult to find even on the internet. However, it's almost always a double-edged sword with Fucked Up. Thus, a limited 7" was released to early pre-orders and a few indie record shops. Similarly titled and packaged, the Couple Tracks 7"' boasts two brand new songs recorded in November of '09, and represents their best post-Chemistry of Common Life work to date.

The A side plays host to the title track: a short, fast and venomous anthem dedicated to those most likely to own a physical copy of the song--obsessive record collectors. The sound throws back to pre-Hidden World-era Fucked Up with a very driving and heavy melody. It's nice to hear something fast and heavy from the kings of slow and shoegaze-y hardcore, but the song ultimately sounds a little forced, as though the band is trying a little too hard to sound like an older iteration of themselves. Lyrically, the song comes off as silly unless the listener takes it as a satirical commentary of the overly serious nature of record collecting. Are we really 'slaves' passing 'relics' and 'tomes' amongst fellow 'archivists'? I'm positive that's not how I would describe my own record consuming habits.

But a Fucked Up 7" is almost never about the A side. Dangerous Fumes had "Teenage Problems"; Litany had "Reset the Ride"; Generations had "Ban Violins"; Crooked Head had "I Hate Summer"; and Couple Tracks has "Heir Apparent." Opening with an extremely catchy riff reminiscent of Rocketship or maybe Tallulah Gosh, the song is driven into full-blown tweedom by a drumbeat that may have been directly lifted from Cub. Actually, it all clashes perfectly with Pink Eye's signature rumbling growl. Lyrically, the song is a tearjerker. Written by Pink Eyes, the song serves as a display of true love for his newborn daughter, and the ideological changes he has undergone after being held responsible for the life of another human. Though the lyrics themselves aren't quite John K. Sampson-esque ("The brightest eyes / The joyous smile / Thoughts of you keep me going for miles / I have to believe"), Pink Eyes' earnest delivery makes the song spine-tinglingly beautiful. Catchy tune + genuine lyrics = musical success in my book. Honestly, I think this song is slightly better than some of the tracks on The Chemistry of Common Life, and is worth seeking out if you don't already have it.

Oh, and in case you thought Fucked Up were going soft in their 'old age,' the labels are reversed...just to fuck with you.