Polygon - Demo (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demo (2009)


Polygon is the new getup for members of Long Island's Sleepwall, and pretty much follows that band's idea of '90s alt-pop/college rock-influenced tunes--in a good way.

The band's incredibly solid four-song demo kicks off with "Built for Tricks" and its plaintive, slightly breathy and smooth vocal delivery that's a bit out of their genre--it's kinda reminiscent of someone like Ride's Andy Bell. As the song bounces along, you kinda wish there was a little more 'umph' to his voice when the song calls for it, but since this is only the demo, one expects 'im to get a little adventurous later on. This is really just the foundation, and it's established firmly elsewhere in "Creepy Feelings," which hints at a moodier atmosphere yet incorporates a sunnier guitar bridge. "Coming Around" and closer "Familiar Faces" finish with the light but nimble mode of delivery.

This is a grower for sure, but Polygon have something pretty awesome and promising going on.

Built for Tricks
Creepy Feelings
Familiar Faces