The Homewreckers - Daydreaming About Assholes [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Homewreckers

Daydreaming About Assholes [7 inch] (2010)

Kiss of Death

Brooklyn's the Homewreckers notably features artist/author Cristy Road, and based on the merits of her other artistic endeavors, her ability to front a punk band ought to be unsurprising. Still, it's hard to not be impressed with Road's snotty yet oddly commanding presence over the chords of these four songs that make up the band's first 7", Daydreaming About Assholes.

The quick "Bad Decisions" starts off the record with a lovelorn Road growling over a mid-tempo, old-school background through the song's 1:29 running time. "Love Song" is decidedly more melodic musically and catchier lyrically, with Road rapidly spitting clever lines like "Everything you heard is true, of what I may do to you / I'm overanalytical, hopeless, crass, cynical, and I'll stick to you like glue / Love me if you fucking dare."

"The Unbearable Plight" kicks off the second side competently; the lead guitar throughout the song is an unexpected but welcome addition and definitely causes it to stand out amongst the other three songs here. Quickly, Daydreaming About Assholes ends much like it began with "Destroy Me? I'll Destroy You," a ferocious bit of hardcore-tinged punk that clocks in at a tidy 57 seconds, but not before throwing in some excellent gang vocals and jagged drum fills.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the booklet that accompanies this record, the first time I can ever remember seeing a 7" with such a feature (though I'm sure others exist). The booklet contains a note from Road explaining the lyrical themes of the 7", along with four pages of awesome illustrations (also by Road) with lyrics to each song. It's exponentially better than the usual one-sided page insert we see with most 7" records, and more bands should do it.

Daydreaming About Assholes is a quick, fun listen that any fan of Road's (or female-fronted punk in general) would have an easy time appreciating.