Nowhere Fast - The Highland Sessions (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Nowhere Fast

The Highland Sessions (2009)

Little Heart

The Highlands Sessions is the latest EP from Louisville, Kentucky-based Nowhere Fast. While the band is definitely capable of playing their instruments well, they lack a serious "it factor," unfortunately resulting in this inconsistent and unfocused product.

Three out of the four tracks do succeed on one consistent idea, though: Each song contains at least one section of awkward and questionable songwriting decisions, and it will have at least one relatively on-point section. The rockabilly-inspired "Rock 'n' Roll Heart" breaks into a rousing and engaging chorus, followed by a decent, albeit lengthy, Social Distortion-styled double-stop solo; but it transitions into this weak bridge of "hey"s that only diminishes the song's energy. "Longest Avenue" has some thoughtful harmonics and some southern moods, but it loses my attention halfway through, before it even picks up.

The track that gets the job done is "Blind Shot." After a very Midwestern intro, Nowhere Fast takes on a less gruff version of Nothington. This sound works best for them because the different parts are cohesive and are executed in a more economical length.

Nowhere Fast has an unmistakable passion for music--they just need to take the time to find their own voice.