Wasted Time - Futility [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Wasted Time

Futility [12 inch] (2009)

Grave Mistake

Wasted Time's name continues to reign supremely ironic. The band's first full-length, Futility provides a tidy ten songs that last no more than two minutes apiece (save three tracks), and the band employ a righteous energy and anger for every second.

It seems--ahem--futile bothering trying to determine which bands on the American Hardcore soundtrack Wasted Time sound most like or take influence from (well, probably Poison Idea and Negative Approach). Just know that this is pure 1980s-inspired U.S. hardcore, from the solidly lower-level pitch of the blunt vocals to the direct, simple chords.

About half of Futility is fast--the rest, simply faster, but the band sounds pretty excellent when they're operating by way of the latter, like on "Black Mold." But then there's "For the Fatherland," which comparatively lumbers for a bit before picking things up for a speedy finish; if you like Fucked Up but wish they stripped away the experimentation and played faster, this is your song. "Burning Bridges to Keep Warm"'s got a wonderful solo just to refresh the palette, too, with further, more rock 'n'roll licks in closer and definite standout "Withdrawal."

Definitely tighter and a little more interesting than Wasted Time's prior output. Fans of '80s hardcore--and especially of the band already--will definitely get some mileage out of this.

Burning Bridges to Keep Warm