Lifetime - Jersey's Best Dancers (Cover Artwork)


Jersey's Best Dancers (1997)

Jade Tree

This album was released way back in 1997. I just got it about 6 months ago. It truly is a unique and fucking awesome album. Twelve songs in 25 minutes. All of them have elements of punk and hardcore, with the very beginings of the emo sound creeping through. It is obvious Saves the Day listened to alot of Lifetime, and if they didn't, they need to, just to know what they should sound like.

Lifetime's singer has a very clear and listenable voice, but I cant really understand a fucking thing he says without following along in the booklet. I'm used to that by now, thanks to Bad Religion. All of these Lifetime songs have a definite east coast sound. The best songs are songs 1 through 6 and 9 and 11. "Francie Nolan" has been stuck in my head for a month, and none of these songs are anywhere near catchy pop-punk songs. For some reason, Lifetime just stays in your head with their punk/core sound.

They aren't a band anymore, but there sound lives on with the slightly more hardcore Kid Dynamite(featuring members of Lifetime), who, by the way, have a fucking awesome album called "Shorter, Faster, Louder". I suggest "Jersey's Best Dancers" to anyone who is looking for a different punk sound other than than the so-cal bands and other than the radio friendly pop-punks and other than the 70's streetpunkrock and other than the, well, anything else.