Direct Hit! - #4 (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Direct Hit!

#4 (2010)

Death to False Hope

EP no. four from Death to False Hope's newest "signing," Direct Hit!, takes Latterman's quirky and anthemic qualities and infuses it with the Ramones' three-chord formula--a sound that only proves that the "Blitzkrieg Bop" progression in the third track ("Choke") is absolutely no coincidence. While the second side doesn't necessarily satisfy as well as the first, it's an exhilarating ride nonetheless.

"Snickers or Reece's (Pick Up the Pieces)" is absolutely infectious and launches the EP into a frenzied pacing; it's an aggressive tune that's logically followed by a more steady track. "Monster in the Closet" pounds away on floor toms while the band ups the ante on gang vocals. The remaining two songs, albeit catchy and fun, sound like typical B-side cuts. You know--when a song becomes a dumping ground for the band's tendencies, but aren't necessarily recycling.

If you like gang vocals and pop-punk but don't want mass amounts of studio tricks and pseudo-hardcore riffage, Dirct Hit! may have a song or two for you.

#4 EP