Small Brown Bike - Composite, Volume Two [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Small Brown Bike

Composite, Volume Two [7 inch] (2010)

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I've come to stay the same
I'll stay until I'm old
I don't want to be cold
- "The Cold," Small Brown Bike

The second installment to Small Brown Bike's post-reunion 7'' collection couldn't be described better than in the band's own words: "slower and colder." Unlike Volume One, this followup ostensibly nods to the reverberating and reserved sounds of latter-day Small Brown Bike, but with a newfound realization of their own potential.

To start things off, "Some Optimistic" showcases the subtly unconventional rhythms the band is known for. In truth, it doesn't necessarily stand out from the rest of their catalogue; it's the control and understanding they have over their own sound that keeps the track sounding fresh. On the flipside, "Never Walk This Alone" is one of the best Small Brown Bike songs ever written; the track compiles a unique sonic medium, ranging from their last full-length The River Bed, to American Football, and resulting somewhere amongst the pedaling mope and drone of ‘90s grunge.

Volume Two is Small Brown Bike at their best: heavy, moody and "cold." The Composite series is kicking off with perfect momentum and absolutely no signs of slacking.